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Dhanvarsha is a patented natural origin nitrogeneous organic Bio-nutrient derived by enzymatically & chemically treating naturally occuring animal and vegetable origin products.Dhanvarsha also contains natural peptides, natural amino acids and Bio-complexed nutrients. Dhanvarsha improves the crop yield ( quality & quantity), boosts root development, growth vigour and stress tolerance of plants. It improves viral and fungal disease resistance of crops.

Mode of action :

Dhanvarsha is recommended on a wide range of crops including vegetables, fruit crops, oilseeds, cereals, pulses, cotton, plantation crops etc. It's mode of action depends on the right appliction method. For Foliar spray use 2 ml per ltr of water. Use 300 ml per acre diluted in minimum 150 ltr of water.

 Precautions: Not to be mixed with mineral oils, sulphur, copper hydroxide and alkaline products. The preliminary test should be carried out before using copper-based molecules. Dhanvarsha at 2ml per ltr of water will inactivate the hard water salts and water will be turned to pink thru yellow. If water is still yellow not turned to pink, slightly more quantity of Dhanvarsha i.e. 0.5 ml extra per ltr of water to achieve optimum pH. This will help to offer more nutrient to plant.

 Direction of Use :

Cotton 20-25 Day after sowing/square Formation 300 ml
Paddy 7 days before Transplanting in Nursery 300 ml
Wheat 12-15 Day after sowing 300 ml
Potato 30-35 and 50-55 days after planting. 300 ml
Tomato 12-15 days after transplanting, flowering stage 300 ml
Cabbage   10-15 and 3035 days after transplantation 300 ml
 Banana 30 day after sowing and 45-50 days after first spray,Flowering stage 500 ml
Grapes 15-20 days after pruning and during fruit initiation. 300 ml
Brinjal 6-8 Leaf Stage and Still Flowering Stage 300 ml
Chilli 6-8 Leaf Stage and Still Flowering Stage 300 ml
Okra 6-8 Leaf Stage and Still Flowering Stage 300 ml

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