We are maintaining the protective measures at all the level of business operations that starting from sitting arrangement in the office, product sourcing, warehouse, to packaging.

We keep staff, sub-staffs, office premises, and surrounding sanitized and cleaned. We keep notice on all the decisions that local Govt. body took to prevent the latest outbreak COVID-19, and we implemented all.  

As of now, there are no positive COVID-19 patients in our office and locality. So, there are no chances to spread this virus by our activities even though we are implementing all the safety measures stringently. 

Our dream is to keep all clients safe and secure. We will maintain the following safety measures for fulfilling this dream.

  1. Disinfection and Sanitization: Disinfect and sanitize with phenyl based disinfectant of our office and warehouse thoroughly. Our all staff wash hands regularly with soap and sanitizers. We also do ventilate office premises.
  2. Social distancing: Reorganize the seating arrangement within the office to maintain social distancing, restriction on staff gathering in office premises, and the ban on entry of non-essential visitors to our office. 
  3. Staff awareness: We advise our staff to check their body temperature regularly, maintain a maximum possible way to personal hygiene.

General rules for the inventory/products:-

As of now, whatever products we have in our stock, we purchased them before the outbreak of the COVID-19 in India. So, there is no risk of spread through them. You can buy them freely. 

We kept all these products in a close door room where only two-employees now we allowed. Though, they maintain all the sanitization very carefully.

General rules for packeting and shipping:-

Use the clean taps and three or five layers corrugated boxes that we purchased before the outbreak of COVID-19 in India. So there is no chance of infection and spreading through these materials. All of them we kept in the closed-door room. Before pick up the packeting materials, everybody wears gloves and musks. 

After packing, we safely handed over to the pickup boys of the courier partners who maintain their hygiene as per their own companies protective measures. We also keep a safe distance from them and don't allow them to our warehouse. 

General rules for final delivery:

Before going out of your home, you must wash your hand with soap for more than 20 minutes. You must wear the mask and gloves (if possible), and keep the safe distance from the delivery boys. Once the delivery boys ask you to go out and away from a little far distance from your home, don't do that. However, you will request them to reach as close as possible to the home address that you gave at the time of order. After opening the packet(s), all products will keep on a separate place, and rewash your hands with soap and hand sanitizer. Kindly note, not enter the outside packet in your home.

General rules for return for COVID-19 outbreak.

We offer 30 days return policy from the date of final delivery. If you want to return the products, you will need to comply with all the safety measures that your Local Govt. Department instructed. Within this safety environment, you will need to pack the products in the same packet/container, and ship through any. couriers.

--------------------------Stay home, stay safe-------------