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SIVIC Fungicide

Size: 120 gm
Expiry Date: 06th June 2024
विक्रय कीमतRs. 354

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SIVIC Fungicide

SIVIC is a world-class product suitable for blast disease and is now available at


Tricyclazole 75% W.P.


  • It is rapidly absorbed and translocated to all plant parts.
  • It provides control against blast in paddy at all stages (leaf blast, stem blast, and panicle blast).
  • The preventive action does not allow the fungus to establish itself as it prevents entry into the plant system.
  • It provides a long-duration control of blast to the rice crop.
  • It is rainfast within two hours of application.
  • It is compatible with most chemicals.
  • It also improves the quality of the grains, which will be shiny, heavier, and bold.

Mode of Action

  • It inhibits melanin biosynthesis(Inhibits polyhydroxy-naphthalene reductase enzyme and thus inhibits melanin formation in fungi).
  • Without melanin formation, appressoria fail to produce penetrating hypha, or penetration hypha fails to penetrate host tissue.

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