Super Sonata

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Features :- 1. Increases plant resistance to abiotic stress such as extreme temparatures,high humidity,frost,floods and drought.

2. Increase plant vigor to fight adverse biotic factor such as pests and diseases

3. Promotes flowering and reduces flower drop

4. elps in uniform ripening of fruits/grains and maintains their high nutrient content.

5. Improves fruit and grain quality.

6. Increase crop yeild significantly.

Brand: hpm

Content Weight/Size: 50 ml

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super sonata is an innovative product with tremendous potential for overall crop-health. It is combination of unique and highly effective natural Amino Acids & Vitamins. Because of its nutrive as well as stimulating properties, it better the overall physiology of crops with full utilization of all the biochemical and physiological reserves of plants. It helps to increase their vigor and enhances tolerance to a variety of adverse biotic and abiotic factors.

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Brands hpm
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