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IMO certified Bio-fungicide. May be used in crop production analogous to NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production)


  • Trichoderma viride 
It is available as a fine powder with minimum count of 2X10*6 CFU per gram.

Key Benefits:

  • It is an eco-friendly bio-pesticide containing Trichoderma varied, a fungus with no residual toxicity in soil or crop.
  • It effectively controls wide-ranging diseases like root rots, wilt, leaves spots, damping off, etc. of all field crops, vegetables, pulses, fruits, and plantation crops, flower and ornamental plants.  
  • It secrets growth regulators when applied o plants, and it promotes physiological activity and balance growth of the plants. 

Applications and Dose:

It can be efficiently used in soil, seed, root/shoot/tuber treatment, and as a foliar spray.
  • Soil Application: Thoroughly mixed 1.5 kg Pather TV in 20 kg organic manure. Sprayed the whole mixture over an acre of land followed by final plowing and light irrigation. 
  • Seed Treatment: Use 5 gm Panther TV per kg of seeds. Mixed requisite quantities of it and cold rice starch to form a slurry. Hand mix this seed with the slurry thoroughly to get homogenous coating over the seeds, air dry and sow the seeds immediately. In absence of rice starch, mixed pather TV @5 gm/ kg of slightly moistened seeds, and then sow the seeds.
  • Root/Shoot/Cutting and tuber Treatment: Cut potato tuber, sugarcane sets, rhizobium, shoot cutting, and roots of all types of seedlings are to be kept immersed for 15 minutes in a suspension of prepared with 5 - 10 gm Pather TV and 5 gm Cutting Aid per liter of water. Air dry lightly and plant those as per practice.
  • Foliar Spray: 4 - 5 gm suspension of panther TV in a liter of water may be used for foliar spray up to the deep point on both surfaces of leaves of the affected crops. 

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