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KITAZIN is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide for the control of various diseases such as blast and sheath blight of Rice, Fruit rot of Chilli, Early blight of Tomato and Potato, Purple blotch of Onion, Anthracnose of Grapes and Pomegranate etc. KITAZIN belongs to the Organophosphorus group of fungicides.

Features : 

  • KITAZIN is a strong systemic fungicide with curative and protective action.
  • KITAZIN is absorbed and translocated through roots, sheath and leaves.
  • KITAZIN is low toxic to mammals and fish.
  • KITAZIN has moderate insecticidal activity against hoppers.
  • KITAZIN has phytotonic effect on the plants

Mode of action :

  • KITAZIN, when sprayed on leaves is translocated from treated to untreated parts of the same leaf and also to non-treated leaves.
  • KITAZIN effectively inhibits spore germination and their penetration.
  • KITAZIN inhibits mycelial growth.
  • KITAZIN inhibits biosynthesis of chitin layer of cell wall of the target pests.
  • KITAZIN is known to increase diseases resistance in plants.

Application :

Apply KITAZIN under moderate temperature and high humidity weather conditions, for preventive usage or immediately after disease symptoms appear for curative usage. Make homogenous solution of KITAZIN with required quantity of water and spray uniformly on entire canopy of the crops. Repeat the application within 10 to 15 days interval depending upon environmental condition.

Dosage :

Rice Blast, Sheath blight 200 ml.
Chili Fruit rot/die back 200 ml.
Tomato Early blight 200 ml.
Potato Early blight 200 ml.
Onion Purple blotch 200 ml.
Pomegranate Anthracnose 200 ml.
Grapes Anthracnose 200 ml.

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