Ampoxcilin-Chelated Multi Micronutrient Fertilizer (Combi 2)

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Ampoxcilin is a chelated multi micronutrient and it is the perfect complement to NPK fertilizer.


  • Zn- 5.0%,
  • Fe - 4.0%,
  • Mn - 2.5%,
  • Cu- 0.8%,
  • B - 1.5%,
  • Mo - 0.1%,
  • MgO - 2.0%


Key Points:

  • It is useful for the prophylactic and curative treatment of micronutrient deficiencies in intensive crop and field crops.
  • The formulation of these products takes into the amount the subsequent combinations with fertilizers occurring in Imperganation and foliar applications.
  • This prevents precipitation, therefore avoiding clogging the irrigation system and atomizers.
  • It contains Homogeneous free-flowing micro-granules rapidly and completely soluble in water.
  • It ensures rapid uptake and protection from premature fixation.


  • FOLIAR SPRAY - 1.25gms in 1 liter water by spray (250gms in 200 liters water per acre)
  • DRIP - 2.5gms in 1 liter water (500gms in 200 liters of water per acre)
  • The first dose recommended to be sprayed 10 days after transplanting.
  • For Best Results - Repeat dose every 15 days.

The dose of Ampoxcilin directly after Transplanting:

If one is using after Transplanting then
  • First, spray 250 gms in 200 liters of water per acre.
  • Then after 10 days of transplanting - 30gms daily by drip till harvesting starts.


  • For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.
  • The uses of these Micronutrient and their dosages might vary due to Soil conditions, crop stage, and weather conditions.
  • We encourage you to consult a local agronomist before using these Micronutrient Fertilizers.
  • Please note, the dosages given here are just for reference – We do not take any responsibility of the exact dosage and we do not provide any schedule for your crops, plant or trees.
  • No Measuring spoon is Provided.

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