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STABILIZER-95 (Humic Acid 85% + Fulvic acid 10%)

सहेजें Rs. 6

Size: 100 gm
Expiry Date: 21-DEC-2026
विक्रय कीमतRs. 169 नियमित रूप से मूल्यRs. 175

टैक्स शामिल चेकआउट के समय शिपिंग की गणना की गई


The use of Stabilizer benefits plants in following ways:
  • Increase plant elongation.
  • Improves uptake of nutrients.
  • Increases cell multiplication.
  • Increases the growth of the plants.
  • Improves seed germination.
  • Improves flowering and fruit formation.
  • Improves Stress tolerance (like drought).
  • To all progressive growers looking for enhanced yields Stabilizer is the product of choice for superior growth, crop stand, higher yield & quality produce.

Unique Advantage :

  • Fast acting with 100% water soluble and easy to apply.
  • Increase Crop yield by promoting fruit setting, enlargement and improve the quality of fruits and plants.
  • Suppress soil and root pathogens, improve soil fertility and Enhance plant growth.
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones.
  • Improve nutrients uptake through the leaves and roots.

Dosage and Application :

80-100 gms per acre for foliar spray in all field crops.

Cotton, Groundnut, Vegetable, Tur, Mango etc. spray in combination with every foliar fertilizer and  pesticides. 

Stabilizer-95 should not mix with more Alkaline and Acidic nature products.



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