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COVID-19 and stop spreading.

It is a severe issue for all of us. Around the globe, this COVID-19 has been spreading. Till now, vast peoples have infected, that is going on rapidly. So many peoples have died so far. 

The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly from one human to another through the droplet that came out while we are sneezing, coughing, and even speaking. This droplet we don't see by naked eyes. So the way of virus transmission is challenging for all of us to control.

The COVID-19 is more vulnerable to the persons having an early respiratory disease or any other pre-existing diseases. It is more susceptible to older people. Children are at our center of eyes as they are innocent. We all are more conscious about the virus but the children who are not well aware of the condition, vulnerability, even disease transmission.  

What can we do now to avoid the COVID Infection?

Let's do the following things very seriously, so there is very little or no chance to get infected. 

Work from home. Don't afraid. Stay home and stay safe. Keep your family safe.


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