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Purchase quality vegetable seeds of branded companies and process of seed treatment

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This is our first and foremost important articles that I am going to write on seeds specially vegetable seeds. Why I chose the seed first? Whether it is vegetable seeds, field crop seeds or pulse seeds. Without seeds agriculture is not completed. It is the first products that all farmers are purchased to start the cultivation. First preference the farmers are given to the local seller from whom they purchased the seeds of branded companies. The right and trusted local seller is the main point from where not only they are buying seeds but also getting the right products information. Sometimes, they have given the suggestion to the farmers on how seeds will be treated with bio agents or fungicides to avoid germination failure that caused by soil borne pathogens and insects. Main concern that the farmers always think on whether they have to select the best quality seeds at comparatively low price with better yield.

Here, is the best source to the farmers to choose and buy the best quality seeds of branded quality at reasonable price. The farmers may have the options to buy from variety of products of the same crop. For example, if the farmers want Hybrid Tomato Seeds to buy, we have variety of Tomato seeds of different brands/companies. At the same time we provide the support related to products quality, and process of seed treatment and products for, we are given to the farmers over telephone number that is +91 8293826607 or drop an email to

Apart from the selection of seeds, the agro climatic zone in general and weather and soil conditions in specific are the most important factors that matter most on seed germinations. Different agro climatic zone India has. We will keep in mind this zone before choosing the seed variety. The germination rate that mentioned on the packet is the indications that if all the conditions for germinations are remain favorable, the highest germination rate will be possible. Otherwise the results may vary. If the germination of seeds failed the cost of cultivation will be raised. After germination failed, the farmers will purchase the seeds again. In that situation sometimes farmers fail to follow the real cropping season. The late productions of farm produce will not get the best market price that lead to lower the interest of the farmers to cultivate again. The farmers will need to pre-plan to buy the seeds and follow the right cropping season to maximize the profits out of the selling his farm produce. Secondly, farmers had to plan in well advanced so that first seed germination (if any) was failed due to any unforeseen situation, he has one more chance to restart the cultivation again and follow the cropping pattern. And the produce out of this second chance would not be so late that he could definitely be earned more.

So, first we need to take the initiatives to address this pain point by way of empowering the farmer’s knowledge about the process on how to reduce the looses at the seed germination stage, so that each and every farmers will treat the seeds with suitable bio agents such as Trichoderma viride and Pseudomonas fluorescens and take the other necessary measurements to get proper germination of each and every single seeds. Apart from the purchase quality seeds the seed treatment is the foremost important factor to reduce the cost of cultivation and maximize the return.

Now, we appeal to the farming community to produce the healthy foods you will need to buy the certified bio- and/or organic products to protect the crop losses that starting from the seed treatment to pre-harvest of the farm products. We are selling the certified organic products for your valuable farm and we will ship all these products to farmer’s door steps. The cost of cultivation is definitely be reduced and the price of that vegetables give you more returns as health conscious people will always be eager to buy organic farm produce such as fresh vegetables and fruits. We are here to wait for you to help how to grow all the vegetable in organic way. We are not selling the inputs that directly related to the agro-chemicals. We promote organic farming.

The next detail discussion on same tropics will be coming shortly. Kindly follow us on “Blog” section.

Keep update always, Happy Learning.