Barrix House Fly Domo Trap

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House fly (Musca domestica) are good carriers of various dangerous even well known communicable diseases such as plagues, anthrax, cholera, pox, tuberculosis, bird flu, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, salmonellosis, and numerous viral diseases and infections. So, you can reduced the chances of incidence of all these above diseases by using this innovative, patented, research based, scientifically designed and highly effective barrix catch domo trap for housefly. The palces where it use : livestock areas of poultry, cattle sheds, piggery, fishery, and more., food processing units, meat shops, hospitals, bakery, juice shops, meat shops, hotels and party halls, houses and dumping yards. Trap can be placed on the ground and hanged at the height of 1 to 2 ft. Abov the ground. How many to use : one trap for every 300 sq. Ft. To 500 sq. Ft., and it can be increased with the density of housefly increases, and one set of trap including both lures is using for 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Then purchased only lure sets (of both phero and kairo lure) and use them in the existing trap. Packet contains : domo trap, phero lure (25 gm. X 4 pieces) and kairo lure (25 gm. X 4 pieces), and brochure for how to used and installed.

Brand: Barrix


Innovative, Patented, Research Based, Scientifically Designed & Highly Effective Domo Trap for Housefly.

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