Antirrhinum F1 Sonnet Mix

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Pack & Pot Culture :

  1.  In general, Sonnet is best produced green in packs or sold in colour in 12 cm pots. Media Well-drained general purpose with good aeration.
  2. Transplanting : Be carefull not to damage the roots, Anthirhinum is sensitive for rootproblems. At the moment there is no risk anymore for nightfrost. Plants can also be grown outside. 
  3. Temperature : Maintain day temperature at 15-18°C and nights at 13-16°C. 
  4. Fertilizer : Maintain EC level at 1.0-1.5 (1:2 slurry) using a well balanced calcium nitrate based formulation. Avoid ammonium based fertilizers which promote weak and stretchy plants. 
  5. Growth regulators : Bonzi and Alar are all effective, but maintaining optimum temperatures and watering practices provides the best control. Also production outside will help to produce compact plants. 
  6. Pests & diseases: Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Botrytis. 
  7. Crop schedule: Snapdragon Sonnet requires long day conditions (12 hours) to initiate flower buds. For Spring, Summer or early Autumn sales sowing mid-January through mid-July) plants may be sold green in packs in 8-9 weeks or in colour in 11-12 weeks. Seed sown in early October will require 25-27 weeks to flower. Seed sown in early December will require 16-18 weeks to flower. Extending the day to 16 hours with incandescent lights (mum lighting) will hasten development. Apply lights for 8 weeks following transplant. To reduce plant stretch, maintain a night temperature between 6-13°C.

Brand: Sakata

Content Weight/Size: 1000 Seeds

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Antirrhinum majus nanum F1

Sonnet is easy to cultivate with a good, uniform growing habit, strong root system and sturdy branching. 12 hours day length required for flowering, suitable for late Spring to Autumn sales. Long flowering season, main stem is surrounded by numerous flowering spikes. Bright colours are an eye-catcher in garden beds and attractive for use as home garden cut flowers, with the added bonus of a delightful fragrance.

  • Well suited for large containers but can be grown in smaller pots with PGR application
  • Cool crop requiring little of no heat
  • Versatile: plantings in patio containers and landscape or garden displays
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